Fleet Family Photo-shoot

A January morning, bright sunshine and crisp cool air.  Air so cool that every time you breath out a small cloud gently whisps its way upwards.  The sun was still low and casting a gentle, yellowish glow as it filtered through the trees.  A stunning morning that is a photographer’s dream. Velmead Common in Fleet (Hampshire) is a…

A Special Christmas Gift

What a Christmas Gift !

If you haven’t already made your mind up about what to buy your loved one this Christmas, why not book her a professional studio photoshoot with leading Hampshire photographer Kevin Ahronson.
Available with or without a hair-stylist & makeup artist.

Contact Kevin on 01252 643143 for a free consultation.

Shooting Woodland Portraits

Here is a simple technique for shooting portraits when photographing them in dense woodland. It can sometimes be difficult to photograph people in woodland scenes, especially under dappled light. If the light falls badly, part of your subject is in shade and the other in bright sunlight – giving your photos highlights and shadows across…

Father & Son

A couple of weeks back one of my clients asked me to photography her family.  This is the third Job I had done for her, having photographed them two years earlier, and this year she also asked me to take the corporate photos of her accountancy practice for the company brochure and website. The brief…